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Let me throw out this specifically very creepy science fiction scenario for you.

When people in a zoo or in a preserve will try to raise a panda from a baby, or try to raise a condor from a baby or whatever they have ways they can convince the other, because they are so much more intelligent than the creatures. They have all sorts of tools for convincing the creatures that they are one of them. Like they will let you feed them … you can even make yourself look like its mother or smell like its mother. And out in the wild even, you know, in many cases if you can make yourself smell perfectly like another gazelle you can walk around the gazelles, and they’re so dumb … they can smell a lion and they know it’s a lion, and they know to be alarmed. …
So it’s easy to fool them that you’re one of them. In a way that’s it’s impossible for them to detect.

So, if there was another species that wanted to study us the way we study gazelles or the way we study rare birds or whatever,
if they are that much smarter than we are than we are to the animals, they would absolutely have ways to walk among us in ways that are absolutely undetectable.
Even we wouldn’t see them at all, or else we would mistake them for a fellow human.

But the way we portray them in movies, like the aliens are sort of clumsy in how they do it, like they don’t know how to mimic human emotion or that they don’t understand love or they’re very robotic … We’re kind of insulting the aliens when we assume that. They’d be smart enough to come here and they’d be of much higher intelligence, but they wouldn’t be able to mimic our social cues.

Ok, just like we can smear animal urine over our own bodies in order to pass among them, they would totally know how to imitate love and charisma and all of those things.

So I think if they were here and watching us, if they were that much more advanced than we are, we would never know they’re here. We would not be capturing their ships on freakin’ camera phones or whatever.

They would pass among us completely undetected and we would never know until they chose to let us know.


David Wong (aka Jason Pargin) on the Cracked Podcast

I recommend listening to the whole thing — it’s a pretty interesting conversation overall. This was just my favorite excerpt. 

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Klebekah Appreciation Week ~ Day 7: Free Choice

Most Heartbreaking Moment Part II

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And it’s not just a feeling

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Still freaking out because one of the teachers at the convention is from the Joffrey Ballet from NY and there’s this other guy that has danced with Britney Spears and Michael Jackson. Please tell me how I got to this. 

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Tomorrow is my last free day for the week. Tomorrow shall commence the craziness that is ballet intensives, dance conventions and competition. Definitely a cray cray weekend. 

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The Maze Runner Appreciation Week | Day 4: Favourite Quote(s)

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Arden Cho nominates Dylan O’brien for the ALS ice bucket challenge.